Write A Humorous Speech And Make Your Audience Laugh
"Finally, a Guide that Shows You Exactly how to craft your humorous speech  and win at speech contests!” 
Are you afraid of the Humorous Speech Contest? Do you struggle to find a funny topic? Do you think you cannot write funny?
“This is more than a book! This is a practical Humorous Speech Workshop that you can attend and learn at your own pace.” Ting Chee Kheong, Area Governor (Divison D - Area 5) of Toastmasters International District 80 (2011-2012)
Dear fellow toastmasters and speakers, How to Write a Winning Humorous Speech, offers you an easy and fun way to write a funny and potential winning speech even though you have never written one before. In fact, it is the perfect guide for all new and seasoned toastmasters. It is written in a fun and enjoyable manner with lots of exercises to unleash the creative juice inside you and get the words and sentences out of your head and onto paper. With this book, you will never complain that you have no ideas for a humorous speech topics and you can’t write a funny line. This book is a no nonsense guide that gives you the results you always wanted! Stop giving yourself the excuses and start writing your winning humorous speech now!  Written by an experienced toastmaster and a humorous speech contest winner, this essential guide will teach you how to be funny even if you think you are not!
STOP Worrying! This book will unclog your brain and unleash the funny juice inside and let your funny ideas and words flow like water!
How to Write a Winning Humorous Speech is packed with everything you need to write a humorous speech to make your audience laugh. It covers: How to find ideas for your speech topics How to make anything funny using 12 humor techniques How to self-edit your speech and give it the punch How to rehearse, deliver, and win Humorous speech checklist Speech videos, sample speeches, and speech analysis
How to write a winning humorous speech
Unlike other books, which are stuff with words and nothing much to learn, this book is specially designed to enhance your learning experience. When you write a book on a topic like this, you need more than words to get the message across. You need the readers to listen, to see, and to think. You need audio and video to enhance it. Hyperlinks are added in this book that will take you instantly to a website or a web video recommended for your learning. In fact, I should not call this a book. Indeed, this is a humorous speech workshop, If you watch all the videos recommended inside, it will take you 90 minutes or more. Best of all, you can even retake this course as many times as you want. You really can’t find this anywhere. Start learning now! From The Author: K.C. Goh a.k.a Goh Kheng Chuan Advanced Communicator Bronze (ACB), Competent Leader (CL) Lion City Toastmasters Club, Singapore
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Stop complaining that you have no ideas for a humorous speech and you can’t write a funny line. What you need is right before your eyes.  Start using this book and start making something funny today! Yes! Be the Champion in the Next Humorous Speech Contest!
There is nothing funny in this world! Someone made it funny for you to laugh. Stop searching for something funny but start learning how to make something funny! (K.C. Goh, author of “How to Write a Winning Humorous Speech)
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The author has designed a Humorous Speech Checklist to let you assess the humor level in your speech. Use this checklist after your first draft to help you refine your speech and make it more funny!  Extra! FREE Speech Evaluation Template and a Speech Writing Template inside the book now! Get the ecourse now!
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